10 most used themes with the Absolute Reviews plugin

Code Supply Co. developed the Absolute Reviews plugin for WordPress, which has become increasingly popular among users who want to boost their websites with modern, responsive review boxes featuring valid JSON-LD schema. Users highly value the plugin for its simple usability and the premium quality it adds to content presentation, making for a more engaging user experience.

Feedback from users on various WordPress.org community pages in English, Portuguese (Brazil), and French shows a generally positive reception. They praise the plugin for its ease of use, lightweight design, and its significant contribution to the visual appeal of review sections on websites. Some users have also suggested improvements, like the option to enter non-round number scores and more flexible schema options. These suggestions show users are actively engaging with the plugin’s development and want it to keep getting better.

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The Absolute Reviews WordPress plugin is a versatile tool for enhancing your website with engaging, responsive review boxes. It’s particularly effective when used in conjunction with themes that are well-suited for content presentation and reviews. Below is a list of the 10 most used themes with the Absolute Reviews plugin, each chosen for its compatibility and design features that complement the plugin’s functionality:

  1. Authentic: A highly customizable, multipurpose theme that’s perfect for lifestyle bloggers and magazines. It offers a polished and professional look that pairs well with the review boxes added by Absolute Reviews.
  2. Newsblock: Designed for content-heavy sites, Newsblock supports seamless integration with review systems, making it ideal for news sites that incorporate product reviews.
  3. Networker: A tech news and magazine theme that’s built for a digital age. Its clean layout and focus on content make it a great match for showcasing reviews.
  4. Squaretype: A modern and clean theme for content-based sites. Its minimalistic design highlights reviews, making them stand out.
  5. Authentic-child: A child theme of Authentic, offering the same robust features with the ability to customize and extend without affecting the parent theme’s updates.
  6. Networker-child: Inherits all the features of the Networker theme while allowing for customizations that won’t be overwritten by theme updates.
  7. Squaretype-child: A child theme for Squaretype that ensures your customizations are preserved through updates, perfect for sites that plan to use review features extensively.
  8. GeneratePress: A lightweight and highly customizable theme that works well with a wide range of plugins, including Absolute Reviews, to create a fast-loading and SEO-friendly site.
  9. Blueprint: Although not as widely known, Blueprint offers a solid foundation for any website, with flexibility that complements the Absolute Reviews plugin.
  10. Newsblock-child: A child theme of Newsblock, it ensures that any site-specific modifications are maintained separately from the parent theme’s updates, ideal for review-centric news sites.

Using Absolute Reviews with these themes can significantly enhance your website’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it easier to present reviews in a more structured and visually appealing manner. Each theme offers unique features and design elements that can help highlight the strengths of the Absolute Reviews plugin, whether you’re running a blog, news site, or any content-focused website.

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